Improve Care and Support for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS

Provide Enterprise™ helps RWHAP organizations efficiently manage eligibility, enrollment, and coordination of care across various programs and agencies.


Faster care, better outcomes for RWHAP clients

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Streamline eligibility and enrollment

Gain visibility and collaborate across programs and agencies to ensure appropriate utilization of core, supplemental and ADAP services that lead to improved linkage to care, retention in care and viral suppression.

Optimize the care continuum

Agencies can determine RW and ADAP eligibility in minutes (not days or weeks), determine enrollment status and eligibility for programs, and quickly process client updates and recertifications, resulting in quicker and uninterrupted access to ADAP and RW services.

Meet and exceed HRSA requirements

Quickly adapt to changing policy guidance, such as PCN-02, and exceed all HRSA performance measures and evolving ADR, RSR and other reporting requirements.

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Improve Operational Efficiencies

Case managers, processors and program staff no longer waste time on outdated processes, leading to a more efficient client experience and leaving more time to continuously improve the effectiveness of processes and services provided to clients.


Supporting the full spectrum of Ryan White care delivery activities

Joint Eligibility and Enrollment

Manage multi-agency eligibility application, determination and enrollment, with automated calculation of core and category eligibility, and ADAP enrollment.

Collaborative Care Management

Allow care providers from HIV CARE, PrEP, HOPWA, and other programs to collaboratively manage patient care and treatment.

Data Integrations

Access data integrated from PBMs, IBMs, Medicaid, lab and other systems enhances eligibility verification, reporting and care.

HRSA Reporting

Create all required ADR and RSR reports effortlessly—no more spreadsheets or data silos.

Payment Tracking

Track and reconcile payments to grantees and insurance providers.

Actionable Data

Use real-time data reporting and dashboards to support eligibility, enrollment, HIV care and operational decisions.

Best Practices

Leverage ongoing product enhancements that stay up-to-date with grant guidance and current best practices from statewide ADAP and regional HIV care programs.


Proudly supporting your programs and clients

Groupware has over 20 years of experience providing ADAP and HIV care management solutions.
RWHAP Part A, B, C, D, F and HOPWA programs supported
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Extraordinary tool, extraordinary care

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